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Training Topics June 2023


Medical Scenarios

All staff are invited to meet in Lot 1 to review mock scenarios involving Raft, Bike, Hike, & Jeep incidents. We'll review Communication, First Aid, & Documentation. We plan to follow up with a Q&A session prior to TL meeting.


Backing Vehicles

Backing vehicles properly is an important part of our job. For our safety and to prevent damage to vehicles and property, we all need to know how to back vehicles and trailers, use spotters at all times, and know proper hand signals.


Z-Drag (3 to 1 Mechanical Advantage)

Pin kits, or Z-drag kits are in all of our Sweep Kits. Knowing how to properly set up is important in a boat rescue scenario.

Training Topics July 2023


Sweep Kit & First Aid Kit Contents

We all need to know what's included in a Sweep Kit on the river and first aid kits on land trips. Please review with instructor so that you know the tools that you have in case of emergency or first aid situation.


How to Change a Tire

Often we find ourselves driving company vehicles and trailers. In the case of a tire blowout, we need to know how to move vehicle to a safe location and safely change a tire.


Bike Safety

Learn the basics of bike safety and sizing. ABC's of bike safety include Air (tire pressure), Brakes (front and rear), and Chain (lube and proper shifting). We'll also cover how to communicate pace and use with guests.

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